Scandal is a very simple protocol which runs on top of a CAN bus. It is implemented in a small library which is extremely portable and has been implemented on DSPs, StrongARM Linux, PIC, AVR and MSP430. It was originally developed for, and used in, UNSW Sunswift II - a solar powered car designed to compete in the World Solar Challenge (WSC).

My apologies for the state of dis-array of this web site. I'll attempt to get something decent together soon-ish, but knowing what normally happens with these messages, you'll be reading it in 2005. If you want to know anything more about the system, mail me at the address below (with the obvious modifications).

If you are interested in Scandal, you could check out my undergraduate thesis, or a portfolio put together during the 2003 World Solar Challenge.

David Snowdon - daves at cse
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